• Classrooms have smart boards the internet

  • Fully furnished teaching learning resource Centre for Arts and work experience.

  • ICT facilities with hardware and software including computer internet TV and camera meant like or it is made available.

  • Curriculum laboratory with materials and resources related to different areas of school curriculum.

  • Library come reading room having the capacity for 200 students.

  • Library has the latest educational Publication course study educational Encyclopedia.

  • Books and journals and electronic Publication in the form of CD and online resources also.

  • Educational and related discipline subscribed.

  • Annually 200 titles of books and journals are added.

  • Library has photocopy facility library has computer and internet facility for the use of faculty and student teachers.

  • Book bank facility provided to students.

  • Separate Laboratories for practicals for educational psychology biology Physics and Chemistry.

  • Open multipurpose hall Auditorium room seminar rooms for group discussion counseling and seminars.

  • Resource room with computer internet and printer with copier with educational resources books etc LCD projector films related to educational and social topics

  • Institution has adopted surrounding 20 government school having totally off 9000 school students stitching for internship program.

  • Institution has MOU with the Government of Karnataka for school adoption program

  • Institution has attached practicing schools of grade 11th and 12th.

  • Educational technology room with all educational and method wise CD's Charts, TV, internet, Tape recorder, LCD projector, Tape recorder and educational films and copies of educational; policies.



  • Institution has multipurpose sports field for all games and sports in 4500 square metre

  • Indoor games room with all indoor sports equipment.

  • Separate gym room for male and female with gym equipments.

  • Open air tiled area for yoga practice.



  • Music room with musical instruments like harmonium tabla etc.

  • High quality sound system for events and other regular programs on daily basis. 


  • Furnished classroom with benches table reading table shelves etc

  • We have Arrow drinking water in each building.

  • Separate toilet for male female PWD and faculty.

  • Safety facility provided in each building.

  • Campus and buildings have regularly maintained and clean.

  • Ramps provided for PWD students.

  • Technicians of college maintain all the equipments and do building repair and replacement.

  • Parking space available for two and four wheelers.